Fairhill Music, Inc began in 1983 as an administrative publishing company for Jimmy & Carol Owens and Jamie Owens Collins‘ songs.

Jimmy and Carol Owens began writing songs for the church in the mid 1960s. In the 70s and 80s Jimmy and Carol inspired and unified Christians around the world with their musicals “Show Me”, “Come Together”, “The Witness”, “If My People…” and “Heal Our Land.”

Jamie began writing as a teen and has given us memorable songs such as “The Victor,” “You Have Broken The Chains,” “Seasons Of The Soul,” and her best-known song, “The Battle Belongs To The Lord.” She has traveled extensively throughout the world singing and teaching. For more information about Jamie refer to her page.

Other administrated songs in the Fairhill catalog include songs from Barry McGuire, Terry Talbot and children’s songs from Gospel Light Publications.

Fairhill copyrights are licensed internationally and administrated outside of the United States and Canada worldwide by Coltman International.

For a listing of the songs owned and administrated by Fairhill music please refer to our catalog.

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