Laughter In Your Soul (download)



Jamie’s first solo album recorded when she was just 17 expressed the joy and hope of the Jesus Movement of the early 70’s. Produced by her father, artificial Jimmy Owens and Buck Herring, “Laughter” was released by Light Records. It features Jamie’s popular cover of Kenn Gulliksen’s “Charity” as well as her first song, “May I Introduce You To A Friend,” written when she was 13 years old and later covered by famed country artist, Tennessee Ernie Ford. Background vocals were performed by up and coming group and close friends, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Jamie’s brother, Buddy Owens and Michael Been of the Call.

Track Listing:

  1. You'll Start Falling In Love
  2. Peace
  3. I’m So Happy
  4. Charity
  5. Love Is
  6. Walk In The Sunshine
  7. Living Light
  8. We’re Lookin’ Upward
  9. Sweet Dying Lamb
  10. May I Introduce You To A Friend